Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who Gets Paid Off Next?

The GOP complains about income redistribution. What they don't tell you is that from their point-of-view, there is good income redistribution and bad income redistribution. To them, good redistribution is from the poor to the rich, not the other way around. They only complain about rich to poor distribution, not poor to rich. However, poor to rich is much more prevalent, particularly since the Reagan era.

It seems that the purpose of government is to collect our tax dollars and funnel it to various corporate enterprises. Lets take a look at some examples:
  • To Military/Industrial Complex -- Two current wars
  • To Drug Companies -- Medicare Part D - prescription program
  • Financial Industry -- Bailout
  • To Heathcare Insurance Companies -- Current reform bill (may not be passed. Insurance companies will be pissed.)
What comes next?

Big payoffs to the Media Corporations. The big, mainstream media companies are going to get a giant income increase as the recent Supreme Court decision on allowing unlimited corporate political contributions starts to have an impact. Watch this next election cycle. Corporations will pour huge amounts of money into the campaigns. And where does that money go? Right to the media corporations in the form of advertising.

Corporations will not only control politicians, but they will control the major sources of information distribution to the American people as well.



  1. Yes indeed, that's exactly the way things are shaping up, the media can't fail to make mega bucks in an election year. They might even push for bi-monthly elections.

  2. Another money item -- bank bonuses this year are around 150 billion (BILLION) dollars. That's over and above their salaries. If that money was distributed to the states instead of bank executives, it would cover all of the states budget deficits. We are talking about a huge amount of money flowing directly to the ALREADY rich.

  3. Don't tell the tea baggers about this. It will spoil their delusion that Mr. Obama is "taking away their freedoms."

    It will also point out to them that their tea bagger movement has been co-opted by the very people who benefit from their delusions.

  4. I heard earlier today they were holding up consumer protection reform in the senate. So typical of these clowns. Protect the corporations and screw the working class..

  5. P.S. Jerry I am adding you to my BR at my uptown site. Don't know why I missed it.