Sunday, February 7, 2010

Palin The Palm Reader

These photos are just too good not to pass on. Take a look at Sarah's left hand.

Sarah, at the Tea Bag Convention, had notes written on her hand. It looks like they say

budget (crossed out) cut Tax
Lift American Spirit

These are her three points of what to do if conservatives take over congress. She gave them in answer to one of the questions during the Q and A session. I only listened to a small part of the Q and A session, but I did hear this question. I only lasted about 5 minutes and then could not listen to any more. It seemed to me at the time that the questions were all pre-arranged. This proves it.

She needs crib notes so she can remember the three MOST important things that conservatives need to do. What does that tell you about her dedication and belief in what she is doing? It tells me that this is all put on. Like the Tea Party Convention, she is in it just for the money.

Sarah Palin -- palm reader.


  1. Oh Jerry, this is beyond hilarious. Are Americans that stupid to put out so much money for this moron?? God help the USA!

  2. Two great liberal bloggers think alike, Jerry... just posted this over at my place!

  3. And the right criticizes Obama for using a teleprompt which presidents have been using for years. And they make fun of him for mispronouncing one word during a one hour talk about serious matters.

    Love the photos.

  4. Is this really true...??

    How dumb... would she not think someone would see these notes.. ??

    I can't believe anyone is that dumb???

    wow.. good one...

  5. J.Critter,

    I posted on this today as well. This woman made fun of Mr. Obama for using a teleprompter?

    I'd love to see her take questions from the Democrats for an hour and a half without notes, as Mr. Obama did with the House Republicans--and did it with aplomb and actually knowing what he was talking about. It was awesome.

    Palin had to write herself notes? Inside her hand? So she could speak to adoring fans? Answer pre-arranged questions?

    Comedy gold.

    As I said on my blog, she's a slippery little hypocrite, but we already knew that.

  6. You liberals are SO lame. This is the best retort you can come up with after all the criminal activity generated by you and you liberal coverts inside the republican party? Namely McCain and his ilk.
    Go hump your socialist propaganda somewhere else. We are not buying it and you will die trying to sell it. Take that to the criminal bankers you have entrusted. They are the true terrorists.

  7. Hey Anonymous Asshole,
    This is MY blog and if you don't like my "socialist propaganda", YOU go hump somewhere else.

    Fuck off, shithead!

  8. At the risk of being crass, I would like to note that the Tea Partiers got a hand job from Palin.

    And it was expensive, too: the tickets to the convention itself were $500.00, if I'm not mistaken, plus $300.00 extra to hear Palin, um, speak or whatever one should call what she does.

    Ms. Hen, better believe it, LOL. Palin is that dumb. She makes Dubya look brilliant.

  9. You would think, Elizabeth, that for about $800 you would get a lot more than a hand job. But then, the teabaggers are being sold a bill of goods anyway.