Wednesday, December 26, 2012

When CA Leads Will Others Follow?

"Several blocks long, a line of vehicles formed early Wednesday at the Sports Arena parking lot."

What?  Is there a big sporting event going on at the Sports Arena?  No.  The LA police department is having a gun buyback and LA residents are turning in their guns...voluntarily!

Maybe this is what we need.  To hell with the politicians in Washington.  They aren't going to do anything anyway.  People at the local level, people who are concerned and patriotic, need to initiate such programs country wide.  

As discussed by The Pragmatic Pundit:

"2 Wars to Spread Democracy = 6,658 Deaths; Democracy in America = 110,000 Deaths"

 Furthermore he adds,

"Add in suicides and accidental deaths as a result of hand guns and the figure nears 400,000...over 30,000 deaths a year."

And the NRA's solution is to arm more people!  Is that crazy or what?  Come on people.  Have some common sense.


  1. Actually, I am shocked at this. Damned good idea, although I seriously doubt any Bubba, or Aryan Nation types were in that line. Still, better solution than what is going to, or not going to come out of D.C.

  2. I think it's a great idea. Easy for me to say since I don't own a gun. But like jadedj said, rednecks and gangbangers probably aren't taking part in this buyback.

  3. Wow many returned!