Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Now It All Makes Sense


  1. LOL. I don't know what we all did to deserve such a severe punishment. I'd rather have a plague.

  2. I've developed a gluttony for this particular punishment. As Barney Frank said, who ever imagined that we'd be gifted with a Gingrich run for President? What will we do for entertainment when the debates end?

  3. Well, Nance, who every the republicans pick as their candidate, you know he will be a clown and the entertainment will continue into November.

  4. The real plague upon our land starts whenever one of these hustlers gets elected president. Look at what eight years of The Worst President in U.S. History, George w. Bush, did to our country.

    Bush was such a rotten president, he's never even mentioned by Republicans any more. One would think those who voted for him, especially to re-elect him, would be so shaken by the lousiness of their own judgment that they would either vote Democrat or not vote at all, out of fear they would elect another Bush-grade disaster. But no, that's not how it works.

  5. Anyone who is not Obama the not so great, you guys would call nuts . Your guy is in trouble . He can't run on his record and you can't defend it .

    We now have the worst President since Jimmy Carter . Trillions of dollars in new debt and high unemployment . But wait, it's not his fault . Nothing is his fault . It's Bush's fault, it's the rich's fault .

    Attacking the guy who will take Obama's job from him is all you got .

    Please, please tell me that fairytail again about the millions of saved or created jobs . No wait tell me the other story about the 4 million green jobs . I just can't go to sleep at night with out a good fable .

  6. You've got it all figured out, Witless. Let's see who is laughing in November.

    Thanks for the attention.

  7. .. sometimes you just have to laugh at the madness of humans.. !!

    I read in a book the other night by Alan Cohen that you do have to see Life as a JOKE basically in order to stay sane.

    They always say The Truth is Stranger than FICTION..

    Would it be so hard to have all feel Peace and Love and have integrity??

  8. I fear that we might be screwed no matter who gets elected. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

  9. Jerry Critter ,

    I wish I did figure it better . It is the GOP's race to lose. No way can the President win on his record . He can win if Republicans are stupid and that can happen .

  10. Witless,

    It is not if Republicans are stupid, they already are. Obama ran on the Bush record and now all the Republicans had to do was have a competent candidate run on Obama's record. Obama's record makes Carter and Bush look brilliant.

    So who do the Republicans put up, one liberal millionaire who is ashamed of the money he earned, one wife swapping moderate and one gay hating Catholic. Great field and if the Republicans want Obama to win, vote for Newt in the primaries.