Thursday, January 27, 2011

Privatize Medicare?

They have got to be kidding!

What a great way to increase the cost of Medicare by 25% in one quick move.


  1. Even though the polls are showing that the American people do not want their Soc. Sec. or Medicare messed with.
    The rethugs will be coming after it hard and fast.
    Wall St. wants those monies in order to help create a new bubble.
    The Big O will probably tag along with some kind of compromise.

  2. It won't affect me. I've got mine, but it will affect my kids and those assholes better not screw around with my kids.

  3. Good to have you back, Jerry, and I'm with you on this 100%!

  4. This has been a goal of theirs for years. Unfortunately some people supposedly on our side just laughed them off. Tisk tisk they said,never will they try that. My response to them is don't help.

  5. I do think that everyone ought to be covered by the same program -- the separate approaches according to age, income, and employment status costs a fortune, compromises quality, and blocks other necessary reforms.

    Social Security should be left alone, though. It works and is in good shape. But protecting Medicare as it is protects a system in grave fiscal trouble.

  6. Can the house do this without it being approved by the senate?

    Something tells me they might be able to.

    The dumb ass populace that think their health care will be better if privatized of course listen to big whore media and believe those WMD's are still out there buried in the sand.

    And yes bama and enough dims will help get 'er done.

  7. They would have to get the Senate to go along with them, and the President too, or at least override a presidential veto.

  8. Thanks for that JC. Who knows-I don't trust any of these guys on either side.

  9. The Democrats are horribly corrupt, but the Goppers always go way out of their way to outbid the Democrats in the corruption competition.