Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nicaragua Has Better Health Care Than We Do

What if this had happened here, in the good old US of A.

From familyonbikes

Adolfo took us to the state hospital – an amazing example of efficiency! We had expected to wait in line for hours and hours – it was, after all, a free hospital. But within seconds of arriving, they had whisked us in (they only let me in with him because he doesn’t speak Spanish – Adolfo and the boys had to wait outside). The doctor examined his thumb and sent us down for an x-ray – which was taken immediately with no wait at all. Back to the doctor who saw him immediately and assured him there was nothing broken. She sent us to the pharmacy where they gave him some anti-inflammant tablets and we were on our way.

If Nicaragua can have this kind of treatment, why can't we? How long would any of us spent in emergency, even if we had the best health insurance available, in any hospital in the US?

I am embarrassed.

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  1. Michael Moore's films talk about all this in Sicko.

    It is a disgrace how the American health system is run. A real shame.